Betty & Dennis Hayzlett | Water & Wool by Dennis & Betty Hayzett
Water & Wool by Dennis & Betty Hayzett combines the talents of two artist in one location. Dennis Hayzett's Bright, colorful, watermedia paintings that focus on the interplay of nature; land, water and light, with the creations of man; cities, towns, buildings and machines to find beauty in the world we have created around us. Betty Hayzett's fiber art includes wet-felting, needle felting, nuno felting and weaving combined with other media to create abstract wall art, sculptures, vessels and home decor that are rich in color and texture.
Dennis Hayzett, Betty Hayzett, Art, Fiber art, mixed media art, felting, weaving, sculpture, vessels, home décor, Watercolors, Acrylics, Paintings, Drawings, Military, Ships, Aircraft, Helicopters, Landscapes, Townscapes.
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Commissions and Purchases

Both Betty and Dennis welcome commissions. Please contact us if you are interested so that we can discuss specifics.

All work, unless otherwise noted, is available for purchase. The price of any specific item or a price list is available on request.  For clients living in Idaho a 6% tax will be added to any purchase price. For any work that has to be mailed, shipping and handling will be added at cost.

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Felting Classes

Felting classIf you would like to learn to felt, I occasionally teach small classes — usually just three people in a class, as my studio is small– usually by request.  I might be able to squeeze in a fourth, and in warm weather can make the class a little larger if we work outdoors.  Almost any age person can felt, probably from as young as three, up into old age.  It is fun, easy, and safe.  I provide all materials.  My going rate is $35 per person for a three-person (minimum, and usually maximum) sized class.  Classes usually last about three to four hours, give or take a little.  If you are interested please contact me through this web-site and we will see about setting something up.

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